Where is the LIFETIME furniture produced?
The company behind the brand LIFETIME is M. Schack Engel A/S and is located in Højer, Denmark. All beds and the accompanying assortment of wooden accessories are produced in our own factory. Small items that do not fit into the production are also produced on a license from subcontractors in Denmark.
Since when is the LIFETIME bed system on the market?
LIFETIME introduced its first bed for children in 1972 and have during the years continuously developed and build the possibilities from this bed to the current bed system, which has been on the market since 1995. LIFETIME is specialized in the production and development of beds, wardrobes, desks, storage and interior for the children rooms.
Where does the wood for the LIFETIME furniture come from?
The wood to produce the LIFETIME furniture comes from selected forest plantations in Sweden, Finland and Lithuania, which have an FSC certification. A smaller amount of MDF and HDF shares are brought in by a Polish supplier. 
Are LIFETIME beds tested and safe for my child/children?
Yes, all our beds are produced according to the regulations of the European safety standard EN-747 / 2018 and is tested in Germany by TÜV. To secure the safety and stability of the beds, you should on a yearly basis check and tighten the 6 larger bed bolts on the bed and give them and extra turn, if necessary. The solid wood and natural material, which our bed is produced from, might be able to “work” a little depending on the environment it’s being put in.
What kind of lacquer is LIFETIME using on the furniture?
All surface treatments by LIFETIME are water-based and comply with following tests:
• Sweat and saliva specified in DIN 53160-1 :2010 and DIN 53160-2:2010
• Migration of certain elements specified in EN 71-3:2018
• Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) specified in AFPS GS 2014:01 PAK
How long is the warranty on LIFETIME products?
The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the item with the LIFETIME partner. We grant a complaint period of generally 2 years for faulty designs. We provide a 5-year warranty on the construction parts of the beds. The warranty does not apply to items that have been stored or mounted (incorrectly). The warranty also ceases to apply to phenomena that occur after normal use or damage that has arisen suddenly and accidentally.
How do I need to maintain and clean my bed?
All the surfaces of the LIFETIME furniture can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For the white lacquered bed, we have add a small bottle of paint to repair small scratches, caused by heavy use.
How high may the mattress be in the LIFETIME beds?
The mattress in the LIFETIME bed, should maximum be 16 cm high, to comply with the residual min. height of the fall protection for loft beds of approx. 17 cm.
How long is the delivery time generally at LIFETIME?
We supply our LIFETIME partners in Europe within 4-5 weeks.
What is the weight limit a LIFETIME bed can take? Can an adult get into bed?
For beds with standard slats we recommend a maximum distributed load of 150 kg and for beds with luxury slatted base a maximum distributed load of 200 kg. This would in our eyes, be sufficient enough, so that a parent also can lay down in the bed and read a goodnight story.
From what age can LIFETIME be used by children?
The low beds can already bed used by children from 2 years old, especially the 4in1 bed which starts from the ground. The EN standard recommends the use of high and bunk beds for children over the age of 6, which must be clearly visible as a recommendation on our products. We know from our customers that our high and bunk beds are also used by younger children. For additional security we recommend the addition of art. 618 - an additional extra high safety guard for the bed. Likewise, we also recommend the installation of handrails on the ladder, which offers additional grip when climbing in/out.

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