Our vision

Sustainable and environmentally conscious
We use specially selected sustainable pine, which grows slowly in difficult climatic conditions. This creates a strong wood, which is well suited to make our high quality furniture. The wood is finished with environmentally friendly varnishes and stains that are water-based. LIFETIME Kidsrooms already received the Green Environmental Award back in 2004 for their responsible and environmentally friendly products.

Safe and stable structures
The furniture is, and remains sturdy and stable for many years, even when it is converted. Its well thought out and solid construction means that it will last kids for many years. Our beds also meet the highest safety requirements, often exceeding the legal standard. Our beds are also extensively tested by TÜV, a strict testing authority.

Quality guarantee
We make all our furniture in-house. Our expert furniture makers and wood workers have very advanced equipment. This means we are able to provide a guarantee of no less than 5 years on the construction of our beds. Quality remains our focus in the long term, even after the furniture has left our workshop.

Learn, Play & Have fun
With our practical furniture - like an adjustable desk or bookcases - and wonderful accessories - like beautiful canopies or matching cushions - you can furnish the room according to your children’s needs, and make their dreams come true.


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