Lifetime Rooms

Play, Learn & Sleep

The limited edition bed ‘Play, Learn & Sleep’ combines everything that is important to LIFETIME: room to play and learn as well as the perfect set-up for restful sleep. The cool bed (H83 x W207 x D201) is painted white and goes with any decor. Details in birch create stylish highlights. A climbing ramp and slide turn the child’s room into a playground, an open invitation for a romp. The front panel with blackboard gives budding artists and thinkers plenty of space to express themselves creatively. It is also ideal for those attempts at writing. Thanks to the well-conceived LIFETIME bed concept, the bed can be extended or converted as desired. This makes it easy to adapt to the age, size and interests of the little ones.

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We are driven by the passion to create quality products, which invites to playing and learning. Our experience and history makes us able to create these kind of products with high durability for the joy of children and the nature.

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